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War Mecha

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Status: CLOSED

  • Little idea of the mechanics
  • 2 or more players seems essential
  • Could work as single player if tactical game AI could be found.

Progress: Prototyped
Priority: Low
Number of players: 2 - 4 players
Expected Play time: 30 - 90 minutes


A tactical mecha battlefield game that use a deck of cards as character sheet.


Make a simple mecha game which is much easier to play and setup than "Battletech".


"Battletech" and "Mecha" anime series like "gundam" are the primary source of inspiration.

Priority Evaluation

Theme vs Mechanics: Thematic Based, have little idea on how it could work.
Video vs Board Game: Could work as a video or board game.
Single vs Multi player: Multiplayer is essential since it has tactical maneuvering.
Rating = 2/12


+ No Cartography: As a card game no cartography is required.
- Scripting: Cards requires special abilities.


At the beginning it was supposed to be a CCG. I realised that the possible combination of cards were limmited and boring since there was little place for special text abilities.

Later I said to my self that it could be cool to make a simple to play battletech game which could allow various customization without having a very thick rulebook and character sheets.

So I fusion both ideas where you get a tactical mecha battle game were each macha's configuration is contained within a deck of card which exclude any equipment. The equipment stay on the table in front of the player.

Problems that prevent development

Since the new goal came in, I have not worked on any prototype yet.

News, changes and updates

January 29th, 2017: Ok, I got a lot of new ideas that could either fit for my Titan card game or a mecha card game. I though I should write down a bot those ideas. I came up with 2 path accidentally that could create 2 different games.

Method 1: War Card game

The idea is to use a system like the war card game. Both players flip a card and resolve it. The goal would be to customize your deck then fight your opponent. This mean little decisions will be made during the game. Each time a conflict is won, the opposing card is destroyed. The goal is to destroy 5 key components of the opponent's deck to win. This game could be more suitable for digital implementation, as the resolution could be done faster and even play by itself.

An option would be to put some choice on the card. Or players could pre-chose a priority like offense or defense, and the card auto select the right behavior. Another idea is that revealed cards are stacked as a resource that can be spent by other cards either by choice or automatically. In that case, all cards would have offensive capabilities. So my titan duel game idea where each card is a monster part of a titan could fit will for this game. Else a mecha game or a wrestling theme could fit will for this mechanic. If resolved as auto battles, it fit well if it's a side mechanism (like my wrestling game idea).

Method 2: Play cards from your hand

This is more similar to the original game, where each card represent a weapon, form of attack, maneuver, device etc. Now it's not really convenient as a collectible or expandable game, so I might focus more on having less unique cards with multiple copies to allow various customization. It could feel a bit like "Emmerlaus".

Another idea is to combine cards with dice like "Emmerlaus" to have random effect trough the game, which makes the game less deterministic and predictable. But Emmerlaus as the bug of too many dice rolls. So I was thinking at most to have an attack roll or save that gives you a fixed amount of damage if succeeded for failed ( for example, weapon with splash damage would still give a low amount of damage even with successful dodge). You could have cards that boost resistance vs certain types of attacks. Each card would have an HP, so when you take damaged, you discard from the top of your deck up to the damage your received.

Another idea is to have positioning cards that affect other cards . You could be on Ground vs in Air, and have a certain range with your opponent melee, short range, long range. For example, slash damage weapon are not very effective for attacking in air units.

The main issue I can see is is if both players has no attack cards left on their mecha to destroy their opponent. You could get into a situation where the combat ends up as a tie. Not sure if basic weaponry would always be accessible at all time.

Else I keep the original rules idea I had with the old game, like stun that disable devices in play, overheat that reduces your hand size. etc. I might just remove the equipment cards that remains in front of your and only put the whole design of your mecha into a deck of cards. So no cards would require to have a certain piece of equipment.

November 1st 2010: I had a new idea of using a dice system like express dice game (ex: dune express). Instead of having a deck of cards for your actions, you would roll a certain number of dice according to the stats of your vehicle. It is possible that there are multiple categories of dice. Then according to the stats of your character, you will be allowed to re-roll a certain number of dice for each category.

Then you use your results to perform your actions. For example, shield rolls could make you reduce damage, aim rolls makes you attack hits, etc. Some equipment cards would require a certain number of roll to be used. For example, you could have a power shell equipment card that requires 2 shield roll to be activated.

I intend to use a system like that for different games where I wanted to use a stat deck system. One of the advantage of dice is that it's easier to assemble when published as print and play. But if you want custom dices, it's a bit more complicated to assemble than using regular dices.

Prototype Pictures

Obsolete material for a Mecha CCG idea.

Development Log

18-jan-2020IdeaInstead of a card game, make a move 3 war game on an hex map
16-nov-2013IdeaAn idea I had while chatting on a thread would be to use a deck building game and make players needs to fight incomming hoards of invaders instead of fighhting each other. It's a bit like my Rune Age Variant where players must fight invaders. Either I use a campaign mode, or either players deck build between invasion waves.

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