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Status: CLOSED

  • Single player game is possible, but more research will need to be done.
  • Mechanics are partially designed, still need more research.

Progress: Prototyped
Priority: Low
Number of players: 2 - 6 players
Expected Play time: 30 - 90 minutes


A board game about a video game side scroller. The idea is that you need to complete all the stages of the game before your opponents does it. But while playing video games, many thing can happen like cheating computers, broken controllers, cheap collision detection, etc.


I want to parody old school video games and give back to the player the feeling of how the old days were.


All old school video games could be a source of inspiration for the theme. But for the mechanics of the game, "Hacker" and "Illuminati" was a source of inspiration for the card placement to create levels. And there will also be many action cards that could give the same feeling than a Steve Jackson game.

Priority Evaluation

Theme vs Mechanics: This game is based on theme, and have little clue of other mechanics that could be used.
Video vs Board Game: There is no medum restriction for this game, could go well on both platform.
Single vs Multi player: Originally multiplayer, but nothing prevents it from beign single player. In fact, it could solve many of the game's issue. But if I want a lot of "take that" cards, then single player is not an option.
Rating = 3/12


? Cartography: The game is too early to determine. If making maps with cards, graph could be enough.
- Scripting: I think scripting will be required for special events and cards which gives flavor to the theme.


  • Level cards are placed in a pattern that create a level. Player move their pawns across the level.
  • Players rolls a bunch of dice and dice how to assign them to pass through the level cards ahead.
  • Many action cards that has various effects on the game

Problems that prevent development

I needed to do some research for action card idea for the theme. I even played old school video game and took notes. I have not designed card text yet but I hope I will not get limited in the amount of cards I can design. I want something pretty open and fluid like Munchkin.

I made the level cards, but I don't think I designed all the obstacles. Never really had the time to test this game either. I think some basic test would be required to know what is really blocking this game.

Prototype Pictures

Here is an example of level layout

Development Log

5-sep-2016IdeaI just got an idea from the megaman board game which has some similarities with the Elder Sign task resolution system. Each stage card could be a task challenge where you roll dice at the beginning of the round, and place dice to progress on the stage until you cannot succeed anymore. Then you lose a life, get new dice and roll again and try to progress further, until you have used all your lives.

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