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One Corp, to rule them all

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Status: CLOSED Status: Basic design in mind
Priority: Average
Number of players: 1 - 2 players
Expected Play time: 60-120 minutes


Each player can buy companies that will generate income but eventually, they can fusion companies together to make corporations which will now have a stock value. Players can manage at most 2 corporations and they try to feed those with new companies they own. The goal is to make the biggest corporation that will rule all companies.

Objective and Inspiration

The core inspiration game is "Rolling Stocks" which is itself inspired on 18XX. I want to stream line and adapt the Rolling Stock rules for a solitaire and 2 player game. I will make the game less tight in cash flow and simplify certain rules and exception to be easier to play. While still keeping the idea that you play almost all facets of the economy. Still, since the game is playable as solitaire, there will have to be some sort of third party AI like foreign investors.

Campaign and series

Cold be part of the "Dark World" campaign as a prequel to what lead to a world rules but corporations.

Priority Evaluation

Theme vs Mechanics:
Video vs Board Game:
Single vs Multi player:
Rating = 11/12


+ No Cartography: There is simply no maps in this game.
+ No Scripting: There is no special powers, only data.

Design Plan


  • the theme is Pretty thin, it's a financial game
  • that involves various kind of companies


  • Small: There is very few components in this game
  • Solitaire/ 2 player: The game must be playable in both ways


  • I want players to be able to manipulate the stock market
  • To have long term strategy for their actions
  • to have to deal with unexpected events
  • try to be the most efficient with what they have


  • Company cards is the main component of the game
  • Corps and stock cards, there will be only 3 to 4 corps in the game
  • Money: Not sure if or how it will be supplied with the game yet as most 18XX players use their own coins.
  • Stock board to keep 2D track of the corps value


  • Buy various type of companies (Funds Start ups(add random bonus/minus), or working companies)
  • Form corporation by fusing companies.
  • Match company affinities for extra income
  • 2D stock market track to change value when distributing dividends and buying/emitting/selling stocks
  • There will be 6-8 fields of companies used for affinity matching.
  • Corps can have a switchable specialty that makes all companies in the same field more profitable.
  • In single player mode, foreign investors can buy shares and companies will rotate.
  • The goal is to create the biggest and/or richest corp.

Design Updates

January 2021: This could be a multi phased game. Maybe in the first part of the game, the goal is to create many corporations by limiting the number of companies that can be present in in a corporation. There could be a maximum of 6 to 12 corporations that the players can build. It could depend on the number of players too (for example, 2 corp per player). Then on the second phase, when are corporations are built (or another time based event) there is a merger mechanism like in acquire that allows corporations to buy out other corporations. It could have a strong influence on the stock market, maybe a corporation can have a value that can be acquired with corporation money. Share holders could get new corp share at 2:1 like in acquire. Maybe the game ends when there is a single corp ( not sure if will always happen) or like in acquire, have multiple ending scenario. The timer of the game will probably be the flow of new company cards that raise limits or unlock features rather than players actions which could never happen.

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