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Holiday Wars

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Status: CLOSED

  • No idea which mechanics can be used
  • Seem to be essentially multiplayer due to competition
  • else as single player it would be do most damage before getting cought

Progress: Raw Idea
Priority: Low
Number of players: 2 - 8 players
Expected Play time: 30 - 60 minutes


Tired that on November 1st, Halloween gets kicked out rapidly by Christmas. Well a group of Halloween characters decided take it personally and will try to kick out Christmas out of the shopping mall once and for all..


Each player play a character which has special abilities. The goal is to destroy anything related to Christmas in the shopping mall. Each stuff destroyed gives the player a trophy that is worth victory points. Of course, the biggest trophy is Santa's head. But beware, one player is actually managing the mall and he will deploy his security to make sure you do not succeed.

Still, since it is a shopping mall, players have plenty of supplies available that they can either buy or steal. Make sure you don't turn the crowd in panic during your massacre because that will make your quest much more complicated to achieve.


The primary source of inspiration is being tired of seeing Christmas decorations and musics in shopping malls.

Priority Evaluation

Theme vs Mechanics: I don't know which mechanics could be used for this.
Video vs Board Game: There is no platform restriction for this game
Single vs Multi player: I think Multiplayer is essential here due to the kind of competition.
Rating = 2/12


This idea will be converted as a side scroller video game.


There is not any details on the game mechanics yet. There will be a small map of the shopping malls where players can move their characters, security guards and manage shopper's movement.

There will probably be a lot of randomness in this game since it is a bit a fluffy game. It will also be possible to play with other holidays like probably valentine's day and Easter. So you will have an attacking and a defending holiday in each game. You can also mix everything up if you want. Each holiday will have different characters for attacking or defending the mall.

News, changes and updates

Nov 7th, 2021: I just have a flash today, I was wondering how I could implement this idea as a strategy video/board game and I came with with two ideas:

  • Tactical character game: Think an XCom style game where you have various halloween characters trying to take control of the map.
  • Ogre Battle style strategy game. Placing characters on a 2x3 or 3x3 grid and sending them to battle against other unit composition. I might add more rogue like elements as the game must be completed in at most 25 days (successful or not) So maybe a dozen of battles would be necessary to finish the game to allow some failures which can help the player with the advent calendar. Instead of realtime movement, unit groups would move on a square or hex grid to capture locations. It could be a more abstract battle map like in "Summoner's war". The more I think about it, there more I see Halloween stuff already in ogre battles 64 ( Witch, Pumpkin Head, vampire, zombie, skeleton, ghost, lich, gremelin )

Dec 24, 2011: What a timing. I just had this idea of having some sort of war game that gets played over a calendar. Each player would play one of the following holidays: Valentine, Easter, Halloween, and Christmas. The goal of the game is to expand the size of the holiday period by attacking other holidays. In order to that the space of the game interesting, I thought of arranging the calendar as a 4x3 month calendar where you can warp on the edge if months are consecutive.

Each holiday would have units with special power. One idea would be to move these units like chess pieces. Else I could make some sort of classic war game or a semi-abstract game.

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