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Hacker Express

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Status: CLOSED

  • Need more mechanics exploration from other dice games.
  • Maybe could be deeper as a single player game (see netrunner single player variant)
  • Else currently a multiplayer game.

Progress: Raw Idea
Priority: Average
Number of players: 2 - 6 players, or 1
Expected Play time: 30 - 60 minutes


An attempt to make an express dice game out of Steve Jackson's board game Hacker.


The idea is to reduce all the details and the fiddliness of the game by making it an express dice game that would require much less components. The game might end up more strategic than chaotic.

Since I am using all concepts of the original hacker game, the game will be a free game unless I change so much stuff that I could release and sell it on another name.


Hacker is the primary source of inspiration. I could use some ideas from Netrunner and Rune age if used as a deck building game.

Priority Evaluation

Theme vs Mechanics: This is very theme based. There is still a large mechanic pool of hacker games that could be used.
Video vs Board Game: There is no platform restriction for this game.
Single vs Multi player: As a deck building game, this game as a lot of potential to be a single player game.
Rating = 7/12


? Cartography: For now, graph seems to be used which does not require a map. But it could change.
+ No Scripting: So far there might not be any need to scripting, but it's too early to tell.


I made a thread on board game geek that tried to explain the original idea, here is the link:


I might use another route and make it a deck building game that could even be played single player.

News, changes and updates

September 17th, 2012: I found a free Pnp Board game called Jacked In which seems like a game similar to Hacker. I have not tried it yet, but it might be a good replacement for hacker which would make this project obsolete.

May 10th, 2014: While suggesting making Hacker board game a single player game, I thought that a sigle player deck building game could be made where you play the hacker and the AI play the "system" that can be attacked. Many inspiration could be taken from net runner or from rune age especially for the Scenario event cards.

Prototype Pictures

Here is the pictures of the only playtest that I have made.


This is the rule draft of the game. It's a draft, so it's not completely playable, it's just to give an idea of how it could work.

Rule Draft (90.6 K)

Network Map (134 K)

Threat/Reward tokens (13.1 K)

The files below does not contains all the components. I will use generic components, and components from the original game to play test. But the components above is the minimum I need to playtest the game.

Obsolete material

Network Map (162.9 K)

Development Log

30-jun-2016IdeaThere was an idea to make a deck building solitaire hacking game. Another variation is to have a tableau builder for the player by connecting components and attacking another server tableau of various shape. Or only use the server tableau with deck building.
5-mar-2012IdeaTry focusing on reducing the quantity of components.
5-mar-2012IdeaI will not have the choice to use special faces on dice. Threat/reward tokens will probably be placed on dices. Free actions like Crash, Houseclean and Phreak will also be placed on dice.
5-mar-2012ProblemThe game does not work at all. It does not feel more simple than the original

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Problems that prevent development

Since there will not be any action cards, I think it will be hard to have a lot of variety.

Prototype Pictures

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Development Log


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