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GI-Joe cards game (Maybe re-themed as EricIan)

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Status: CLOSED

  • It's a 2 player game, with maybe a solo option
  • have litte clue about the mechanics besides smashup

Progress: Raw Idea
Priority: Low
Number of players: 2 players
Expected Play time: 60 minutes


Each player control a faction which can be either Cobra or GI-Joe. Each player has his own unique deck of cards that becomes thinner as casualties are taken. Cobra initiate missions and both sides must assign characters or vehicles to the various mission to succeed. The player who succeed the mission gain victory points. The player with the most VP when the mission deck is depleted wins.


The goal is to make a not too complicated card game in the GI-Joe Theme. The cards will mostly contain characters and vehicles since this is the core of the GI-Joe theme. Due to license restrictions, I might have to re-theme the game to EricIan (another of my project) which will also have unique characters and vehicles but there will be more comedy.


The primary source of inspiration is of course the GI-Joe Theme. Some mechanics could be borrowed from Rune Age for mission resolution since both players play cards on their sides of the battle. The main difference is that a mission can take more than a turn to resolve.

Priority Evaluation

Theme vs Mechanics: I have some mechanics idea, but not quite sure if it is going to work.
Video vs Board Game: There is no platform restriction for this game.
Single vs Multi player: This game could be played as single player, but it's more a 2 player game.
Rating = 6/12


+ No Cartography: There will probably only be columns, so a 1 dimension map.
- Scripting: Scripting will be required for card special powers.


Each player has a deck of cards made of unique characters and vehicles. There is another mission deck which is only used by cobra. At the beginning of the turn, Cobra draw 3 mission cards, place 1 in play and discard the rest. Then each player can play cards from their hand on any mission currently in play. When a player has the right victory conditions to win the mission card, he must wait until his next turn to collect the card. So it gives a chance to his opponent to retaliate.

The deck management works like deck building, you draw a new hand every turn and discard any unused cards. After a mission is accomplished, the cards played on the mission goes to the discard pile and will eventually be reshuffled. But any destroyed cards is removed from the game and are permanent casualties. So as the game progress, each player will have less and less cards to play with.

When the mission deck is depleted, it's the last turn, The player with the most VP at the end is the winner. It might be possible to assign cards face down on a mission. They could be represented as spies or infiltrators.

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Development Log

25-jan-2020IdeaI was thinking in having a kind of cold war themed game inspired on the "Scarab Lord" game, else "smash up" is another source of inspiration that fit the original idea.
19-feb-2017IdeaSome ideas from this game could be merged with another idea of mine called "9 minute rebellion" which is a parady of star wars rebellion. It will follow the idea of having missions to accomplish by both side and play a character card on each mission, then reveal the characters and resolve each mission.
11-nov-2015IdeaOther ideas can come from Rune Age, where assets placed in play by your opponents are actually missions you can take to put it down and prevent getting the benefits of those assets. Some cards could be placed on assets as in preparation/training to be used later in a mission in addition to cards in hands. So preparation would give you more cards for a mission, but demand assets to hold those cards.
02-mar-2013IdeaI had some ideas from "smash up" and "Gods and Minions" where players place unit on each side of a battlefield card and where the threshold is reached, the player with the strongest total win the battlefield card which gives victory points and resources. The difference might be that some hidden cards make the real total not revealed and players could attempt to guess the real total to know who is going to win.
05-aug-2012IdeaMaybe cards can be played face down on the mission, this will represent some sort of infiltration. Then when you are ready, you can strike the area by sending additional vehicles and characters, but that prevent the player from palacing further cards in the location. The problem is that with the system above, only cobra will be able to strike since GI-Joe seems always on the defensive.

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