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Fallen Empire of Japan

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Status: CLOSED

  • Single player game with two player option works perfectly for this.
  • Some mechanic searching to do but much less an issue here.
  • It's not that the mechanics could not works it's just that for a solo game it would ask too much management from the player to actually achieve immersion. So the same game would work better as a video game.

Progress: Raw Idea
Priority: Low
Number of players: 1 - ? players
Expected Play time: Unknown


Players control a renegade fleet of WW2 warship and wander in the pacific to do piracy or capture bases. The Pacific is under a thin Japanse enforcement which leave the pacific open to piracy and other chaotic activities.


The goal of the game is to bring out more details in how a fleet is managed. I also want to give some freedom of going anywhere you want in the pacific without necessarily any given objective.


The main source of inspiration is PTO 1 ont he SNES. It reminds me a game where japanse had 42 of the 45 bases and we just wandered in the pacific doing wild things just for the fun of it without any global conquest strategy. I would like to bring back that feeling if possible as a board game, else it will be as a video game.

Another source of inspiration could be the Uncharted Waters video game. This game takes place in europe during renaissance. You can either be a pirate, merchant, explorer and many other things. I would probably use the same idea of building up your fleet and wandering in the see, the difference is that player will have access to world war 2 weaponry.

As board games, uncharted waters seems similar to "Merchant and Marauders". I might get inspiration from that game too if I make a board game implementation.

Priority Evaluation

Theme vs Mechanics: The mechanics are not well defined, but I have good source of inspiration especially if made as a video game.
Video vs Board Game: This game could be implemented on both platform but might be easier as a video game.
Single vs Multi player: This should be a single player game, don't see much interest in multiplayer since no direct conflict.
Rating = 7/12


? Cartography: There is cartography. At most it could be an image with solid and non-solid pixel requiring no in database mapping.
+ No Scripting: I don't think any script will be required, any thing sould be representable with numbers and rules.

Prototype Pictures

Possible definition of the 6 zones that will be used each containing 6 bases to be easily selectable with 2D6. Purple bases are not under Japanese control.

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Development Log

17-jun-2016IdeaThe game might still be playable as a board game. First there is Nimitz solitaire game that use side battles, second there is no need to move units around the board much so it could accelerate side battle setup. Market and events could be done with region card similar to Eltritch Horror. I would still prefer as a video game, but it might not be possible any time soon.

Playtest Log

DateResultsPlay TimePlayersDescription
19-oct-2014NeutralN/A.SolitaireI made a demo test of the combat when invading a base. the results were OK, but some improvement might be required. Anti-Air seems too strong, I might need to increase the number of planes or reduce the values. I might use the law of average by adding up the strength of units where each 10 points score a hit and you roll against the left overs for an extra hit. That could increase strategy and accelerate the game by rolling less dices.

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Prototype Pictures

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