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Console Wars

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Status: CLOSED

  • Currently multiplayer only, single player might be possible.
  • Rules will not fit on a page for multiplayer
  • really no idea of how the mechanics will work.

Progress: Raw Idea
Priority: Low
Number of players: 2 - 6 players
Expected Play time: 1h - 2h


Each player is a company that design and produce video game and consoles. The idea is to publish games and reseach new technology to design the best console.


The objective is to create a game that somewhat trace the history of video game console and allow players to control companies that will perform the same strategic actions like for example, becoming a 3rd party game developer like SEGA did instead of making their own console, switching for computer development instead, 3d Video games that raise exponentially game development cost, etc.

The idea is to design a console and attract companies to publish on your console instead of the other. But you can still make video games yourself to make your console more popular.


The primary source of inspiration is Automobile, because it's an euro game where you try to make money. There is a technology evolution in that game too but the car model are predefined. Another source of inspiration for the design of the console is Eclipse with it's ship design mechanics. Player would be able to design their console by placing tiles on a small layout and each tile will have different values and functions ( Hard drive, memory, CPU, etc). I might use Eclipse's action system for this game too.

Priority Evaluation

Theme vs Mechanics: Thematic based with no solid mechanics.
Video vs Board Game: Could be implemented on any platform.
Single vs Multi player: Multiplayer, but also the possibility to have single player.
Rating = 3/12


+ No Cartography: This game should never require any maps
+ No Scripting: I don't think this game will need special abilities, it looks more like a management game.


The details of the game have not beign designed yet, but in general you would do the following stuff:

Research: Develop new technologies. Has people develop technologies, it becomes easier for other to access it. Players are also in competition with PC which are devices that evolves on their own. If PC evoles faster than console, players will lose a lot of sales. But they will now have access to PC technology for much cheaper.

Design: You need to design your console, each player should have in average 2 console, 1 published and another one in design. It is possible that I include portable consoles in the game too. So it would possible like SEGA did to release many consoles or develop consoles expansions if players want to.

Development: Players can make video games or 3rd party can make video games. According to the console specifications, the 3rd party companies will choose on which console will their game be published.

Sales: THe sale system will be similar to automobile, units sold will be distributed between the companies. But the game quality and the console specifications will make some console more attractive than others which will make some players get more sales. I am not sure I am going to have to manage retailers like in automobile, but there might be some distribution systems available like retailers, mail order, Online Distribution, etc.

News, changes and updates

23 June 2016: Another similar idea is to be an arcade manager like "Arcade Craft" when you buy machines, place layout and make some money. The idea would be to build a circular path of arcade people could move on then people are distributed around the arcade according to this path. There are various type of gamers who behaves differently. I even though it could be possible to design 3D arcade model using assembly boxes.

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