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A few blasters in the snow: The battle for Hoth

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Status: CLOSED

  • Will have to be converted as a single player game, doubt it works has 2 player.
  • I have no idea which mechanics to use.

Progress: Early Prototype
Priority: Medium
Number of players: 2 players
Expected Play time: 60 minutes


A simple free PnP board game that simulate the battle of hoth in star wars.


Most bottle of hoth board games are currently heavy war games. I was looking to make a game much lighter that could be resolved much faster.


The idea was to use a combination of mechanics from Castle Panic, Plant vs Zombies and Battle master. New ideas couold be taken from a new game called "Castle Assault".

Priority Evaluation

Theme vs Mechanics: Thematic Based, no real mechanics attached to this game.
Video vs Board Game: Could be made as both video and board game.
Single vs Multi player: Basically a 2 player game. But could be converted as a single player game. Might be an option since currently little strategy for the empire player (unfortunate since I like playing the empire).
Rating = 3/12


+ No Cartography: The game use track, so there is not really any cartography.
+ No Scripting: I don't think there will be any special powers even with little info so far.


The mechanics are still in progress, but the main idea is that there will be 3 rows where imperials moves troops toward the rebels. Each player can play cards matching their unit type to activate those type of units. Activating will probably me used to move, attack and deploy. Still recent playtest have shown that it might only be used for attacking and units will move and almost deploy by themselves.

The imperials must either destroy the shield generator or send to echo base more troopers than rebel troopers in the base. While rebels must shoot the ion cannot to make transports escape. If all the transports escape, the rebel wins.

Problems that prevent development

There is currently a mobility problem that is probably due to the fact that cards are required to move unit. That create the situation where a player will move the same unit if he can until it reaches the front. So instead, I intend to use a similar system to castle panic where all imperials moves forward at the end of the turn. Cards would allow certain imperial units to shoot at their target. On the other hand, rebels might not actually move units besides snow speeders, so it could end up like in castle panic where various type of units have various attack range. Still the units will be deployed on the board since a row of units could be cleared of infantry and batteries allowing imperial troopers to reach the base.

Prototype Pictures

First playtest and Prototype


Forum thread with the early idea explanation:



Changes for 1st Playtest (Jan 2013)

Development Log

16-dec-2016IdeaAn interesting idea if I want to put the focus on speeder maneuvering is to have something like Thunderbolt Apache Leader, where you move around an hex board and try to get clear shots at the At-At/St. The empire would folow a specific path (3 branch) but speeders can have a much larger area of maneuvrability.
17-sep-2016IdeaI will get my hand on castle assault. I'll have a chance to play and see for my self if I could reuse the same mechanics
27-jul-2016IdeaThere is a new game called castle assault that is very similar. There could be a way to make a 2 player and/or solitaire game with 2 different factions and objectives.
10-sep-2014IdeaSince I borrowed the title from a few acres of snow, I though that I could borrow the mechanics of that game. Not sure if it can actually fit on a starwars theme.
10-sep-2014ProblemsI think the main problem with the thme is the bland map, it's just a plain ice desert. So you can use any shape you like, it does not matter because there is not much land feature to consider. This is why 3 lines was not much more illogical. there is . Also, the unit selection according the the movie is pretty limited, you have AT-AT that carry troops, troops in the AT-AT that have no reason to drop before they reach destination, and AT-ST which could be some sort of cavalry. Rebels have troops, speeders, turrets, and maybe mounted riders. So the unit variety is pretty limited giving not much flexibility on the design of the game.
30-dec-2013IdeaHaving distances on this game seems to be the problem. So the first idea would be to place cards in 3 different stacks. After a certain point, a stack is resolved and the empire is pushed back or it progress. The match up would be similar to Smash up.
30-dec-2013IdeaAn alternative idea, would be that units are placed on the 3 stacks and some of them can move from a stack to another (ex: snow speeders). Cards have the function to activate those units to attack the enemy.

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