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This page contains a list of books about game design in general that I have read. I will write here a detailed summary of these books transcribed in my own words. The objective is not to replace the book, I want to make sure that there is still some interest to read the original book.

The primary objective of these summaries is for me. I have a short memory, so I want to place all the most important details of a book on a page, so that I can quickly read the page and get all the information I need. The secondary objective is to give to other designer meaningful knowledge really fast without having to read tons of books. If the summary is really interesting, now you can try to read the real book.

Since I am a library technician, I see a lot of books everyday. So one of my quote is:

"There is too much interesting books to read ... Only reading summaries would be enough"

Book list

Gamestorming: A playbook for innovators, Rulebreakers and Changemakers (2011-03-29)

This is a book about a new type of brainstorming called Gamestorming. It has nothing related to game design, but could be used for game design.

The art of game design: A book of lenses (2011-03-29)

An excellent book that explain the various concepts of game design. The author has more experience in video game design but still all the concepts he explains can be applied to board game design

The Game Inventor's Guidebook (2013-04-04)

This book focus on the publishing aspect of board games. It talks about how the industry works and how to approach publishers.

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