Vikings fighting for the glory of their god

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Fallen Kingdoms

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Number of players: 3-6 players, 4-5 recommended
Average playing time: 90min to 180 min, 30 min per player
Age: 12+
Status: Complete
Publication date: June 8th 2010
1st Revision Date: November 27th, 2011
2nd Revision Date: October 20th, 2013
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Product-ID: 100-10

Each player is a Norse god that will control various viking kingdoms which will evolve and change thought the passage of time. After a while, new kingdoms will invade the land to destroy the older kingdoms. This process will continue until all the kingdoms evolve enough to unite themselves as one nation.

Players must try to do their best out of each civilization in order to win. They accumulate glory points every turn for each city they control and they can acquire trophies which will make them score extra points. There are three kinds of trophies, when two of them are depleted, the game ends. The player who accumulated the most glory points wins.

Inspiration sources

Britania (Board game): This is the game that started it all. After playing my first game of Britania, the 2 mechanics that I have kept are 1) kingdoms that comes in and out all the time 2) you score victory points for controlling territories. I can say that the combat system looks close to britania. What I did not liked about Britania is the historical restriction. So my idea was to make a game with no historical theme in it.

Vinci (Board game): I got a chance to play Vinci later and I thought it could be a good source of inspiration. I don't think I borrowed a lot of things from Vinci but it gave me another point of view on how things could worked. So it probably helped to make choices in certain situations.


This is a series of mechanics I am using in my game which could give you an idea of how the game works without having the rules.

Combat Dices: I only used dices for combat resolution. In my mind, a battle must most of the time be resolved with a dice roll. The number of units you have does not influence the number of dices you roll.

Intimidation: Each conquest trophy gives you an intimidation value which allows you to scare the enemy when you attack making it easier to conquer cities.

Knowledge cards: In order to add variety while the game progress, player can now develop knowledge which gives them victory points and changes the rules. So the rules of the game will change with the evolution of time.

Production System: You accumulate points in one of the 3 track: military, construction, and Knowledge. When the track is full you produce new stuff.

City Development: Each city can have a building of it's own which increase of one the 3 tracks. These buildings are worth victory points so your opponents will want to capture them.

Scoring: You acquire points for controlling buildings, developing knowledge and destroying enemy kingdoms.

Invasions: At the end of each turn Player decide if they want to abandon their kingdom to another player and invade with a new kingdom.

Modular Board: The map is made of 4 modular board which allows various map configuration. It will also change the resources available which could change how the game will be played.

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